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Combining Fashion With Flowers

If you love flowers and you love to look good, this is the blog for you. While the two are not always combined, at Fashion Peony, we love when they are. From a beautiful lace dress paired with a crown of daisies to the scent of lavender infused into a vegan leather bag, plants can be used in all kinds of fashion to enhance the beauty of each piece. Although we're amateurs, we have a love for the fast-paced fashion world, but we prefer to add an element of stillness through connection with nature. Read through our variety of articles to find out more about various aspects of fashion.

How To Market Your NFT Drop

5 October 2022
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

You can make a lot from your NFT collection if you adopt the right strategies. NFT might have changed people's views regarding trade, goods, and the transferability of commodities. However, some techniques used to make sales in traditional business operations still apply in this new era. This piece discusses the importance of marketing ideas in the success of an NFT drop.  Background story Most buyers in the market purchase your NFT if it seems credible. Read More …