Pronta ad affrontare il gelo polare? Guarda qui come vestirti quando fa freddo! | Ready to face the cold? Check here how to dress when it's cold! | The fashion peony blogQuale modo per combattere il freddo che indossare un caldo e comodo maglione lungo? Guarda come l'ho indossato in questo post! | What better idea to fight the cold than wearing a long sweater? Check this outfit out now! | The fashion peony blogTi spiego qualche trucchetto su come vestirsi per un viaggio in aereo + outfit esempio! | Some tips about what to wear on short flights + sample outfit! | The fashion peony blogcome-combinare-vestito-jeans-11How to wear yellow on your summer outifs | The fashion peony's blogBasic clothes: trench coat | The fashion peony's blogHow to rock blue on your outfitwear-white-pants4what-to-wear-when-it's-cold3Wear-turtleneck-this-winter64How to wear jeans shortsVisit Ibiza city11What to wear for travelling2_3What to wear for travelling2how to wear a backpack8black minimal4fashion camera bag10the fashion peony minimal look 2DSC_0118

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