Two ways in which which an image consultant might help a client with a new high-profile job

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Two ways in which which an image consultant might help a client with a new high-profile job

16 February 2023
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Here are a couple of ways in which an image consultant might help a client who has recently taken on a high-profile job.

They could advise them on how to update their hair so that it's more appropriate for their new role

One form of help that an image consultant might give their client in this situation is advice on how they could update their hair so it's more appropriate for their new role. If for example, a client has waist-length hair with colourful dyed streaks, and they've recently accepted a position as a news presenter, their image consultant might give them some guidance on how to transform their slightly bohemian and fun-looking hair so that it looks more formal, professional and sophisticated, and, therefore, more in keeping with the style that is considered standard for people within this high-profile role. They might recommend that they cut their hair to a shorter length and dye it a natural colour that complements the colour of their eyes and their skin.

If on the other hand, a client has recently become a music celebrity within, for example, the pop music genre, and they currently have quite a plain, simple-looking brown-coloured bob haircut, the image consultant might give them suggestions on what changes they could make to their hair that would give their appearance a funkier and more playful aesthetic that would be in keeping with the look that a lot of pop music artists have. They might, for example, advise them to get an undercut or opt for a bright and unusual hair colour.

They could give them advice on how to update their wardrobe and make-up to ensure their skin looks good in all conditions

One of the challenges that people face when working in a high-profile position is that they often need to perform or be interviewed in all types of lighting conditions, including under very harsh television studio lights. In these settings, a person's skin issues can be magnified, and the unflattering effect of wearing clothing in colours that don't complement their skin tone can also be enhanced.

An image consultant could be of great help to a person like this. They could, for example, determine which clothing colours will make their client's complexion look healthy and vibrant. They could also tell them what to wear if their client wants to disguise some skin issues that are likely to be easy to spot under harsh lighting.

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