How To Market Your NFT Drop

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How To Market Your NFT Drop

5 October 2022
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You can make a lot from your NFT collection if you adopt the right strategies. NFT might have changed people's views regarding trade, goods, and the transferability of commodities. However, some techniques used to make sales in traditional business operations still apply in this new era. This piece discusses the importance of marketing ideas in the success of an NFT drop. 

Background story

Most buyers in the market purchase your NFT if it seems credible. The idea behind the NFT must also be credible to compel people to make offers. The easiest way to earn your target market's confidence is through marketing communication. As a business owner, you must create a compelling story that convinces buyers to purchase your NFT and pushes the prices as high as possible. 

The kind of story you use in marketing should identify your target customers and the reasons for their interest in your NFT. This story should also reveal the exclusive nature of your collection, value, benefits, and uniqueness. If your background story is compelling enough, you can have your audience believing that they are privileged to possess items in your collection. 


Hype is a marketing strategy that uses artificial scarcity of a commodity. Most consumers who buy your NFT do so to reveal specific attributes about themselves, and the purchase is often more conspicuous compared to other products. Hype ultimately helps any brand to promote its image instead of the characteristics of the products. Hence, how do you use hype marketing after your NFT drop?

Ensure you adopt marketing strategies that help you create a community of people before your NFT drop. For example, you may use social media marketing to get your followers excited while you work on your NFT collection. As more people show interest and anticipate the NFT drop, you might receive offers to develop relations that could eventually lead to a successful sale. 


You may be familiar with exclusive listings in real estate or auctions that only include high-net-worth individuals. An NFT drop should not function in such a manner. Always give low-income people the opportunity to buy your collection at a low cost. You can have a diverse NFT holder community and prevent a high wealth accumulation from initial sales.

This tactic derives its effectiveness from the marketing notion of customer loyalty. If you show fairness, the customers recognise that you care about them, not profits. As such, you create a community of loyal customers and enthusiasts who could buy your NFT in the future. 

Some marketing ideas contributing to an NFT drop's success include a background story, hype and fairness. For more information, contact a local company, like 6thelabel.